Ardyss marketing postcards

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Advertising has firmly entered our life, we are so used to the most different types of advertising, that practically stopped paying attention to it.

Of course, mass advertising campaigns involving television, radio, outdoor advertising and advertising printing are not ignored.

However, very few large companies can afford such advertising. Others also have to hope for attracting the attention of potential customers only at the expense of originality and non-standardity of promotional products.

One of these types of products, which became not so long ago used for advertising campaigns, are ardyss marketing postcards.

As a rule, one side of the postcard is sealed and, getting into the hands of the potential client who has taken it, the studied postcard begins to act as a bookmark, note paper, etc.

Required elements of ardyss marketing postcards are a logo, a drawing and an advertising message or slogan.

A characteristic feature of advertising cards is the way they are distributed. As a rule, these are special advertising stands, which are often found in retail outlets, cinemas, cafes and other places of mass gathering of potential customers.

Advertising cards are distributed for free, which is understandable even from their name, because in translation from English, freecard means free postcards. In our country more often use another name – flycard.

Advantages of ardyss marketing postcards are their low price, unobtrusiveness, orientation to a certain target audience.

After all, a person takes the card from the stand himself, choosing the one that interested him with interesting design, useful information, etc.

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