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Like all original, interesting and unique, the style of vintage is reflected in the design of postcards. These beautiful cards with images of old things, stars and famous personalities of the last century like many people are happy to exchange them and decorate the interior of their apartments and houses. Such cards have long been of interest to researchers and collectors, and as a means of communication, and as a work of art. Filokartii devoted to art albums and scientific works.

Take a closer look at the history of vintage witch postcards

Initially, this style came from France, and the very concept applied only to wine with years of endurance. Vintage styles, decor, music, other areas of fashion and culture became much later. The direction has penetrated into all spheres of human life. Everything that applies to it, and vintage witch postcards style including, has the main feature – aging.

This fashion has returned to us from the past, usually seen from the 40s to 60s of the last century. It is not surprising that its relevance does not pass and acquires special features in the context of the XXI century.

Features of style vintage witch postcards

The value of the subject and the card is given not only by age. The style itself, in which the objects are made, is important. As a model for imitation, we choose not the features that took place in the past era, but what was fashionable and characteristic for her. For example, cards with original drawings, simple, traditional outlines and graphics, art postcards with images of famous personalities, loving couples, retro interior items and much more.

Backgrounds are patterns and images specific for the last century – strip, peas, floral motifs, newspaper clippings and sheet music can also be used.

vintage witch postcards for the addressee will not only be a pleasant surprise, but will also make you think about the past, remember the history of your family, will be a source of inspiration. Each of them is a sealed moment of the plot, with its soul and style, and signed by the hand of another person, it carries in itself a truly powerful energy. Art postcard, received by mail, can cheer up even on the rainy day, no worse than your favorite music track or sweet chocolate. It will necessarily become part of the collection, part of the history of correspondence and retro sensations

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