Carrie fisher postcards from the edge epub

carrie fisher postcards from the edge epub is a 1990 American comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols. The screenplay by Carrie Fisher is based on her 1987 semi-autobiographical novel of the same title. The film stars Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, and Dennis Quaid.

Plot of carrie fisher postcards from the edge epub

Actress Suzanne Vale (Meryl Streep) is a recovering drug addict trying to pick up the pieces of her acting career and get on with her life after being discharged from a rehab center to kick a cocaine-Percodan habit; after overdosing while on a date, her mother admitted her to the rehab center from the emergency room. When she is ready to return to work her agent advises her the studios insurance policy will cover her only if she lives with a responsible individual such as her mother Doris Mann (Shirley MacLaine). Suzanne is very reluctant to return to the woman from whom she struggled to escape for years after growing up in her shadow. The situation is not helped by the fact that Doris is very loud, competitive, manipulative, self-absorbed and given to offering her daughter unsolicited advice with insinuating value judgments while treating her like a child.

Production of carrie fisher postcards from the edge epub

In discussing adapting the book for the screen director Mike Nichols commented For quite a long time we pushed pieces around, but then we went with the central story of a mother passing the baton to her daughter. He added Carrie doesnt draw on her life any more than Flaubert did. Its just that his life wasnt so well known.

Critical reception of carrie fisher postcards from the edge epub

The film earned positive reviews from critics and currently holds a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 30 reviews.

Box office

The film opened in 1,013 theaters in the United States on September 14, 1990 and grossed $7,871,856 on its opening weekend, ranking 1 at the box office. It eventually earned $39,071,603 in the US.

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